I have a server running HAproxy listening on the main host IP (fib 0), I added another network from a VLAN but since it has a different gateway I had to create its own route (fib 1)

Currently, I can ping the server and access using the main host IP (fib 0), I can only ping the second route (fib 1) but I can't connect to any port from the HAproxy.

If I do something like:

sefib 1 nc -l 80

Clients can connect using the IP from the secondary route (fib 1), but not if using the main host IP.

Since I want to prevent having two processes each per route I am trying to use PF and redirect traffic from fib 1 to fib 0 something like this:

rdr pass on vlan0 proto tcp from any to any port 80 route 0 -> port 80

I do connect but get timeouts, using tcpdump + wireshark I see many messages like: TCP retransmission

Any idea how could I route the incoming traffic from both networks to the service?

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