Yes the title is correct! A long time a go a website was developed for a student association, the website now has some historical meaning. I'm trying to move the website do a different server, with Docker, but this is a bit harder that I anticipated.

I can't find any repositories with this PHP version. So I tried compiling it from this source: http://museum.php.net/php5/php-5.1.6.tar.gz. Then I ran into another problem. All dependencies of this PHP version are old, and I cannot find software repositories with the right versions.

I did found a working php 5.1.6 Dockerfile: https://github.com/nubs/docker-php-minimal/tree/master/php-5.1.6. But here I still have the problem when I add php extensions that have dependencies.

How can I get a working php 5.1.6 installation in Docker?

This is the php configure command of the working installation:


Have you tried with a newer release? Perhaps not brand new, but something slightly newer? There is still a php:5.4-apache image tagged in the docker library images.

Past that, you may have to build a 5.1.6 image on Linux release that has a similar release time.

Still I hope you have this software in a read-only configuration. A system that old is almost certainly exploitable, and could be attacked and quickly compromised.

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