I need to connect via VNC from my machine A to another machine belonging to my friend B. Both of us have no way to open incoming ports - ISPs do not allow tunneling unless you buy a static IP based business plan. Both are linux systems BTW

We have a web server with full access, where we can both ssh into. How do we setup a tunnel from either end to teh server so that VNC works?

I know how to setup an ssh tunnel between two systems and I believe its not hard to do A->B->C by running ssh first on A to B and then on B to C

But I need A->C and B->C rather than A->B and B->C

Basically I think I need a proxy server - can this be done with SSH or even some sort of linux networking magic?


Let's say C is the webserver that you both (A: You & B: Your friend) have access to.

Setup for C: Add gatewayports yes to the config

vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config

add "GatewayPorts yes" at the bottom so the remote host will listen on the interface instead of the interface

GatewayPorts yes

Setup for B: Forward localhost's "port2" to remote host's (C) "port1"

ssh -i auth.pem -R xxx@xxx.xxx.xxx

Setup for A: No need for forwarding.

You can now connect to C's port2 using VNC while actually viewing B's screen.

  • Thanks - this worked – rep_movsd Apr 20 '20 at 16:50

This may or may not be the answer you're looking for, but two services to check out:

They do roughly the same thing. Both allow you to create virtual private networks between multiple computers without needing to do any firewall or port forwarding configuration. Both services have a free tier, although if you need lots of computers connected, ZeroTier allows more computers on their free version. Both work on Linux, Windows and Mac OS (ZeroTier works on a bunch of other platforms too).

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