Assume the following - this assumes that the Exchange Management Console is being used to modify permissions:

  1. You have a mailbox with an email address of "UserA@example.com"; User B asks if they can be given access to this mailbox. Access is granted

  2. User C then requests access to the "UserA" mailbox, as well as User B; despite previously adding User B's permissions, this is done at the same time as User C

In the above example, is an error thrown when choosing to give Full Access Permission from within the EAC? I know that for Active Directory security groups, if using the ADUC snap-in, an error is displayed stating that a user already has access to a group if you attempt to add duplicate permissions but I wasn't sure if this was also true for Exchange.


What the version of your exchange server? I tested in my exchange 2016 lab, detail information in below screenshots for your reference. enter image description here There is no error message when you click ok.

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