I created DNS zone as in example below. Is there another, clean way to redirect subdomains to IP address? Maybe with bind9 $GENERATE? Can I use regex or iteration with existing DNS software? Where to start, and can DLZ (Dynamically Loadable Zones) solve that?

0-0 IN A
0-1 IN A
0-2 IN A
0-3 IN A

; ... SKIPPED 65k+ LINES

255-253 IN A
255-254 IN A
255-255 IN A

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I am not so sure about your requirements.

DLZ. DLZ are Dynamically Loadable Zones. Per documentation, they allow to pull records from external driver.

dlz sample {
     database "dlopen driver.so <args>";

zone "example.com" {
     type master;
     dlz sample

Said that, if you put your records in database; it is loading them from external database using driver.so. Remember, it is more like a patch; not a core functionality. It is also used as integration with SAMBA. Such database may slow response times from DNS server.

Stable solution. The fastest and the cleanest way for a moment is to manage Zone as a file. You can easily generate them with templating system, like Jinja2, and deploy with Ansible or Salt. There are set or roles available on the Internet:

It will help you generate reverse zone, validate your records and syntax completely automatically.

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