I'm looking for a way to load balance (LB) layer3 network traffic with GCP. Off the shelf GCP load blancers support only down to layer4 (TCP/UDP). I would like to find the most GCP native solution for this in order to minimise management orchestration.

My question split into two:

  1. Is this possible to obtain using only the current GCP features (Using the GCP API) ?

If not

  1. What is a good alternative for implementing and managing a layer3 load balancer when using a cloud service platform (the solution can be hybrid or agnostic to GCP) ?

Note: I tried using iproute2 with ECMP to implement the LB but its hard to managing when you start scaling up.


To answer your first question, GCP doesn't provide any L3 Load Balancing solutions at the moment. I would suggest filing a Feature Request . Note that there's no ETA for its availability or guarantee of implementation.

Regarding your second question, I would recommend consider using a third party software like HAProxy, NGINX or check other available options in GCP Marketplace.

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  • Tnx for the replay. Sadly I have came to the same conclusion after a long research. – Daniel Apr 22 at 12:28

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