I'm currently trying to deploy Alfresco Content Services on AWS following this guide. I got as far as to "Creating File Storage for Alfresco Content Services Community" where I have to create an EFS storage using another guide. In step 4 "Deploy the DBP" I get an error which I'm not able to resolve. After running

helm install alfresco-incubator/alfresco-dbp -f values.yaml \
--set alfresco-infrastructure.persistence.storageClass.enabled=true \
--set alfresco-infrastructure.persistence.storageClass.name="$DESIREDNAMESPACE-sc" \

I get the following error message:

Error: execution error at (alfresco-dbp/charts/alfresco-process-services/charts/alfresco-infrastructure/charts/alfresco-api-gateway/templates/deployment.yaml:26:24): A valid keycloakURL needs to be set

Does anyone know where and how I can set the keycloak URL?


If you take a look at the values.yaml of alfresco-dbp

  alfrescoRegistryPullSecrets: quay-registry-secret
    resource: alfresco
    realm: alfresco
    client: alfresco
    url: "https://alfresco-identity-service.REPLACEME/auth"

There is global.keycloak.url you need to change.

It can be either done with

helm --set global.keycloak.url


Change the url for valid one in your values.yaml

There is this api gateway itself.

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