I've installed Kibana on rhel and am I'm trying to access remotely on http://server-url:5601.

I've installed elasticsearch and am able to access that remotely on http://server-url:9200

I've added


in the kibana.yml.

I've made sure the nsg is letting it through and have added to the firewall. I have also installed elasticsearch and that is working on port:9200 - What I did on the firewall and nsg for 9200 I did exactly the same for 5601 so I feel it's a config issue not a firewall issue.

Also I can successfully curl kibana from the machine locally

When running netstat -nlp | grep :5601 I get the below result:

tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      33072/node


  • What is the exact error message you encounter? – Gerald Schneider Apr 27 at 9:55
  • So it's just the "This site can't be reached" error that you would normally get with a firewall issue. - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED – itadvicehelpsdf Apr 27 at 9:56
  • ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is NOT a message you get with a firewall issue. It means that nothing is listening on that port. Check if kibana is bound to the correct interfaces and running (netstat -nlp). – Gerald Schneider Apr 27 at 10:00
  • I've ran the command and put the result in the main body of the question thanks for the info – itadvicehelpsdf Apr 27 at 10:11
  • Also if I curl localhost:5601 from the box I get the result so it's definitely listening on that port – itadvicehelpsdf Apr 27 at 10:12

Your output of netstat -nlp is showing that Kibana is only listening on the loopback device Since you already changed the configuration, you either didn't restart the service properly after changing it, or you modified the wrong configuration file.

When the service is started using the edited configuration file it will be shown as instead.

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