I have a 6 server setup. Each server has 4 NICs with port channeling setup to my switch for redundancy and speed. My question is simply: Can kubernetes handle this without the port channeling? Or should I stay with the port channeling?

So if I do not use port-channeling:

  1. Can kubernetes benefit by 4 NICs speedwise when communicating between servers?
  2. If one NIC breaks, will kubernetes handle all traffic over the working NICs automatically?

It doesn't matter for kubernetes what kind of backend network you have: it works on top of existing OS interfaces.

Kubernetes expects you give it a reliable and fault tolerance network, hence if your hosts are communicating each other with all 4 NICs, Kubernetes will do that too.

If you don't use port channeling, then you have to avoid network loop; for example by using STP or a bonding algorithm like round-robin or active/passive. So answers are:

  1. Depends on your network setup at OS level.
  2. Not Kubernetes itself but the OS do the job.

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