I'd like to be able to regularly audit my gcp estate by verifying that no unapproved ALPHA/BETA features are enabled.

I can't seem to find a gcloud command that could identify this.

I recognise that this command;

gcloud services list

would list the enabled APIs of a project however is there any way of filtering on the stage of the API i.e. alpha,beta,GA?

I would then run a script to scan all my projects but of course i first need to identify the right command!

Any ideas?


I wrote this bash script in order to check all your services within your projects and know the activated APIs on BETA or ALPHA stage.


for i in $(gcloud projects list --format="get(projectId)"); do
    echo "Project ID: $i"
    gcloud config set project $i > /dev/null 2>&1
    SERVICES="$(gcloud services list | grep -E 'beta-*|alpha-*')"
    if test -z "$SERVICES" 
      echo "No BETA/APLHA services"
      echo "$SERVICES"
    echo ""

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