I just installed tomcat 8 on a Centos 7 server and I know it's working because I could get tomcat's index.html with wget http://localhost:8080. (I couldn't think of another way of testing in a remote server). Now I want to access it externally but whenever I try http://[server's public ip]:8080 from the computer I use to ssh to the server I get a timeout.

I've seen several answers that suggest modifying firewalld so I did that and now it looks like this: firewall current status

I've reloaded with sudo firewall-cmd --reload but still all I get is a timeout from the server.

Does anyone know what else am I missing?

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    Check the IP address which tomcat is listening on (using ss or netstat). – dexter May 14 '20 at 12:59

There are some checks you need to do:

  1. Check if you add the port 8080 permanent in firewall after reloading it
  2. Do you use any cloud providers e.g AWS? then remember to open the port
  3. Check the SELinux policy for the opening ports and in the war in webapps directory

The issue ended up being the network management before the server. The company policy wasn't allowing any inbound traffic via those ports to that server. Once the exception was added I could connect to tomcat from any network and I didn't have to change anything else on the server's firewall. As @sc0der said, the ports added to the firewall where added permanently as well as the http and https services.

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