I'm building a virtual mail setup with Postfix, but I'm having issues with virtual_alias_maps. The documentation explicitly says its recursive, but I can't for the life of me get further than the first alias entry:

Addresses found in virtual alias maps are subjected to another iteration of virtual aliasing, but are not subjected to canonical mapping, in order to avoid loops.

Source: http://postfix.cs.utah.edu/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html#virtual

Simplified main.cf:

virtual_mailbox_domains            =   proxy:hash:$config_directory/maps/virtual_mailbox_domains.hash
virtual_mailbox_maps               =   proxy:hash:$config_directory/maps/virtual_mailbox_maps.hash
virtual_alias_domains              =   proxy:hash:$config_directory/maps/virtual_alias_domains.hash
virtual_alias_maps                 =   proxy:hash:$config_directory/maps/virtual_alias_maps.hash


mailboxdomain.tld ok


user@mailboxdomain.tld ok
otheruser@mailboxdomain.tld ok


fancydomain.tld ok


# User with mailbox
user@fancydomain.tld user@mailboxdomain.tld

# User with mailbox, but through intermediate alias
otheruser@fancydomain.tld intermediate@fancydomain.tld
intermediate@fancydomain.tld otheruser@mailboxdomain.tld

# New guy without a mailbox yet
newguy@fancydomain.tld newguy@mailboxdomain.tld

I'm connecting to port 25 and trying RCPT TO: <address> for the above aliases. All of the addresses are accepted, but only resolves to the immediate alias, meaning mail to otheruser@fancydomain.tld will be attempted delivered to intermediate@fancydomain.tld and not the final destination mailbox. newguy@fancydomain.tld is also accepted, because it has an alias - but since there is no mailbox called newguy@mailboxdomain.tld, this also fails on LMTP delivery.

Am I missing something here?

Postfix version is 3.4.9. Mailbox delivery is through LMTP to Dovecot.

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