I want to ask, if it is possible to have normal Google account and have own domain (@example.com). I saw this documentation, and it should be possible, but when I wanted to create domain via Google, it said that I need Google Suite Basic. And I am worried about that, because Google Suite Basic has problem with some other services (Google Assistant, Google Home).

So anybody knows, if it is possible to have own domain + standart Google account?

This is screen from payment of domain:

enter image description here


For enabling Gmail service for a custom domain you have just 2 choiche:

  1. Subscribe a GSuite Edition
  2. Use the workaround that you had already suggested:
    1. Register your custom Domain
    2. Access to your Domain mail settings and forward all incoming email to your private@gmail.com
    3. Access to your Gmail settings and enable Gmail to send messages as your custom Domain email address.

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