I am currently trying to get a server in my office exposed to the internet. The following scenario:

I have a NATed 400MBit/s line in my office. I cannot have ports forwarded from the internet to my office (computers)

I also have a VPS server with 2 ipv4 addresses. One of them is currently unused. I now want to setup a wireguard server client environment where the computer in the office logs into the server (on the vps) on one of its ipv4 addresses and then get assigned the currently unused ipv4 address on the client computer. I then want all traffic coming in for said unused ip to be forwarded to the computer in the office. That way the computer in my office wont have a private ip assigned by the vpn, but directly have a internet routable IP on the wireguard vpn interface. There will be only one, this one client.

Question 1: Is the setup possible with wireguard as I explained it above? Question 2: Can anyone point me into the right direction?

It would also be extremely great if I could have an ipv6 subnet assigned to the client machine for ipv6 access.

Both computers are running Debian buster, kernels have been customly upgraded(the server is currently running 5.3, the soon-to-be client is running 5.6, both have wg support enabled). WireGuard is so far also setup as a server on the vps and client on the client machine, as a means of just getting it to work I am using iptables to forward single ports, which isnt really a good solution because some of the services on the client machine change ports frequently which requires me to adjust iptables forwarding on the server. Also, the client is supposed to run services that do exist on the server, so those ports cannot be forwarded from the server to the client.

Any help will be appreciated

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