I added a new IP address to my server (Windows 2016). But I'm unable to see this new Ip address in SQL Server Network Configuration. Restarting SQL services didn't solve anything. I guess rebooting the server would work, but is there any way around it?



Sql server does not recognize new IPs in any way. I thought a reboot would solve that. I was wrong. I found the answer here: [https://mssqlwiki.com/tag/how-to-add-new-ip-to-sql-server/][1] In short

  1. You need to reinstall
  2. You can edit register manually. Add new IPs here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.X\MSSQLServer\SuperSocketNetLib\Tcp\IPn

I chose the second way.

  • Does the new IP address show up in the OS? If restarting the SQL service didn't clear it up, my guess is "no". – Ben Thul May 22 at 17:30
  • The problem was uglier than a reboot. (see my edit) – renegm May 23 at 0:50

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