This might be a convoluted way to go about it so please tell me if there's a simpler way.

Context :

I have a linux "boxA" in a DMZ and a linux "boxB" in my LAN (as well as "boxC" which is my central git server inside the LAN).

There's only one rule allowing communication through the DMZ/LAN :

BoxB can SSH into boxA but not the other way around.


Since etckeeper is installed on boxA I want to push its commits to boxC but it has to go through boxB (which also has to be the initiator of the operation).

So I'm trying to do the following :

  1. From boxB ssh into boxA.
  2. Still from boxB use the current ssh channel to push boxA's commits into boxC

How can I do this ?

Additional difficulty : Since etckeeper is a VCS for /etc I need to use sudo on boxA since I don't ssh directly into root.

  • How is the data on A backed up? Consider using that, although that would be a different form a version control. – John Mahowald May 22 at 20:53

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