how setup stronswan with freeradius and rlm_rest rest module?


I use eap radius plugin of strongswan and connected to free radius v3 and it work perfectly with freeradius sql plugin or radiusd user file. but i want use rest authenticate to another server.

for rest module setting is use this https://github.com/fgsants/REST-API-FreeRADIUS.git (rest setting https://github.com/fgsants/REST-API-FreeRADIUS/tree/master/resources/freeradius)

server os centos 7 freeradius and stronswan is in same server

free radius run authorize section of etc/raddb/sites-available/default then is return http 204 no content response, then i got this error : (2) Auth-Type rest { (2) rest: ERROR: You set 'Auth-Type = REST' for a request that does not contain a User-Password attribute!

how solve this ? thanks.

also i put this logs in pastebin: https://pastebin.com/s2rSiiJQ

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