I'm looking for below configurations for GSSAPI authentication with Apache 2.4 for Active directory:

1. How to configure Apache HTTPServer 2.4.x with mod_auth_gssapi using Microsoft Active directory? Is there any documentation OR POC example stating the required configuration to do in Apache HTTPServer 2.4.x for GSSAPI, So as to authenticate using GSSAPI mechanism with Microsoft Active directory?

2. Does mod_auth_gssapi provides Integrity & Confidentiality security services? If yes then what configuration is required to do in Apache HTTPServer? Reference for Integrity & Confidentiality in GSSAPI.

As per my analysis, the Active directory supports GSSAPI SASL mechanism. But, Apache HTTPserver does not support GSSAPI as an out of box configuration. However, using mod_auth_gssapi it's possible for Apache HTTPServer to lookup for users & their credentials in Active directory and thereby authenticate using GSSAPI mechanism.

Currently, I'm having Basic authentication provider configured as below in Apache HTTPServer, which needs to be replaced with mod_auth_gssapi to implement gssapi authentication mechanism:

# Basic Authentication provider

<AuthnProviderAlias ldap MyEnterpriseLdap>
  AuthLDAPURL "ldap://machine1.abcd.com:389/CN=Users,DC=abcd,DC=com?sAMAccountName?sub?(objectClass=*)"
  AuthLDAPBindDN "CN=rohit,CN=Users,DC=abcd,DC=com"
  AuthLDAPBindPassword "abc123"
  LDAPReferrals Off

# Authenticated resources

<LocationMatch ^/+WebApp/+(;.*)?>
  AuthName "WebApp"
  AuthType Basic
  AuthBasicProvider MyEnterpriseLdap 
  Require valid-user


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