I've built a NAS that has been running well for months. I recently decided to add a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260CV-8i L3-25377-02B 8 Port 6GB/S SAS RAID Controller to it with a couple of additional 12TB HHDs (shucked EasyStores). For some reason, when the SAS/RAID controller is added, my network ports on my Intel i350-T4 stop working--the lights blink but I don't get any network connectivity.

My NAS runs Proxmox, and when it starts, it says "Failed to raise network interfaces". If I run journalctl -u networking.service, it says "Cannot get device ring settings. No such device exists".

I feel like I'm probably missing something obvious as I've never added a SAS or RAID card before. What gives?


Apparently, just plugging in a new PCIe card changed the interface name. I just needed to ip link show to get the new names, then update them in /etc/network/interfaces

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