I inherited a loadbalancer (mod_proxy) setup consisting of 5 nodes.

The setup serves a number of 6 sites (site1, site2 etc, with shared disk space) and would like to know if there is a way to route traffic to only 2 of the nodes, namely 4 and 5 based on the site/url requested.

For example, what configuration do I have to include to mod_proxy config to only route traffic destined to say site3 (for example, www.site2.com/profile) to only nodes 4 and 5?

Have you ever done something similar?

Thank you in advance.


So you are looking for a Layer7 Load Balancer? So as below

site.com/Page1 = Server1/2 site.com/Page2 = Server3/4

Something like that? If so, please refer to the below link


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