K8s n00b here.
How would a java app that can have multiple pods, across nodes, use the same cacerts, truststore across?

Should I take some different approach?

My use-case is that an admin of that app can add a cert./key to these truststore, cacerts, and it needs to be used (propagated?) to all the apps using them.



You can use some approachs to distribute the files between pods:

If the file is open just for read, you can create a configMap to store the file, and them mount the configmap in all your pods.

If the file is open to read/write, you can use PersistVolumes using NFS or if you are using some cloud provider, there is a possibility to attach volumes in your pods (see here) like EBS to AWS and GCP Persistent Disk be mount in all the pods for read/write.

There is no "correct way" all depends of how your application works.

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  • our solution looks like to encode it as Secret, and mount its files where needed. – Nadav May 27 at 20:04
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    Yes, it is totally valid, depending the file type you can use configmap or secrets. – KoopaKiller May 27 at 20:09

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