We started with a brand new windows server 2019 datacenter edition and installed an infrastructure monitoring agent on it and strictly no other program. The machine had 8 GB of memory. As part of monitoring NTP offset from sync'd host we scheduled an exe. The problem started after 10-11 days, the memory utilisation had increased to significant level >80%. On analysis we found it was a gradual increase and using RAMMAP we saw every time the exe will run it will leave behind 24k of memory in PAGE Table with 0 B in Private. Moreover this issue is specific to windows server 2019 we tried following same steps on windows server 2012 machine and it worked perfectly fine with no memory creeping issues.

Memory usage per task manager: enter image description here

Process Tab: We tried to look for processes using task manager Resource monitor and even WPT xperf utility but could not find any other process consuming such a high amount of memory.

Process Tab: enter image description here

RAMMAP: As it can be seen here the exe scheduled has died already but is still holding page table memory.

RAMMAP: enter image description here

Total RAMMAP use counts: https://i.stack.imgur.com/54cYw.png

This has lead to an unanswerable gradual memory spike. Can it be related to some windows server 2019 specific drivers or system files which is used by NTP?

  • Which ntpq.exe binary did you install, I didn't think that came with Windows? How are you running it on a schedule? – John Mahowald Jun 2 at 19:53
  • We are using meinberg's ntpq – Akash Pandey Jun 11 at 10:27

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