I use ESP8266 in AP mode and connect to it using HTTPS. Unfortunately the device is not very powerful and TLS part makes it so busy that it doesn't transmit wifi beacons for a short time (as far as I understand). It is enough for NetworManager to terminate wifi connection:

Jun 03 13:18:58 bono kernel: cp210x 5-2:1.0: device disconnected
Jun 03 13:18:59 bono wpa_supplicant[1202]: wlp3s0: CTRL-EVENT-BEACON-LOSS
Jun 03 13:18:59 bono wpa_supplicant[1202]: wlp3s0: CTRL-EVENT-SIGNAL-CHANGE above=0 signal=0 noise=9999 txrate=0
Jun 03 13:18:59 bono wpa_supplicant[1202]: wlp3s0: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED bssid=2e:f4:32:ac:b4:da reason=4 locally_generated=1

Is there a way to increase that timeout if I am using Linux NetworkManager?

I tested also with Android and it has no such problem. With iOS I can reproduce it only seldomly.

I asked my question also here: https://community.mongoose-os.com/t/loosing-wifi-connection-if-esp8266-in-ap-mode-is-doing-tls-handshake/1530

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