So what do we have: Windows Server 2019 as file server in a non-domain setup. Users should be able to change their password remotely from their client PCs without requiring the IT-support. What we've found but is no soultion for us:

So are there other solutions that allows users to change their password on the FileServer?

Update: According to my collegues they've managed it in the past by enterging the name of the Server in the password change dialog on the client machine. This worked with Windows Server 2008 R2 but doesn't work with Server 2019. There after some seconds of waiting an "access denied" messaged is displayed.

Change password dialog

So perhaps this needs just a setting on Server 2019.

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    The purpose of an AD Domain is precisely to avoid this kind of situation... – Swisstone Jun 4 at 7:08
  • I know. However this situation is more complex that described here. Still hoping to find a solution without domain... – Hannes Jun 4 at 7:18

Create a custom website which will change the account password locally on the server.

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