I realize that I selected the wrong Region zone and now I have to correct that. Can you tell me how is it possible? My current project is live in vm instances asia-east2-b zone. I want to bring this asia-south-b zone now.


You're able to move your instance from zone asia-east2-b to asia-south1-b.

Have a look at the documentation Moving an instance between zones:

Whenever possible, you should move an instance automatically using the projects.moveInstance API. If you cannot use the API, you can still move your instance manually using the following steps:

  1. Create snapshots of persistent disks attached to the original instance.
  2. Create copies of the persistent disks in the destination zone.
  3. For external and internal IP addresses:
    • If you are moving an instance across zones within the same region, and you want to preserve its ephemeral IP address, temporarily promote the ephemeral IP address that is assigned to the instance to a static IP address and then assign it to the new VM instance you create in the destination zone.
    • If you are moving an instance across regions, you must pick a different IP address for the VM instance.
  4. Create and boot up a new instance in the destination zone. If you are moving across regions, you must also pick a new subnetwork for the new instance.
  5. Attach the new persistent disks to your new instance.
  6. Assign an external IP address to the new instance. If necessary, demote the address back to an ephemeral external IP address.
  7. Delete the snapshots, original disks, and original instance.

and at the section Limitations:

Specifically, the following scenarios require a manual move: ...

  • You want to move your instance between regions, such as between us-west1-a and asia-south1-b, and your VM belongs to a subnetwork. You must perform the move manually and select a new subnetwork for your instance.

So, because you want to move your VM instance between regions you should move it manually by following step by step instructions provided at section Moving an instance manually.

In addition, have a look at the documentation Reserving Compute Engine zonal resources, it could be quite useful in some cases in compare to on-demand usage, but extra fee required.

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