I have postfix compiled with blacklistd support running in a jail.

On the main host (FreeBSD 12.1) blascklistd is running with this config:

# Blacklist rule
# adr/mask:port type    proto   owner           name    nfail   disable
submission      stream  *       *               *       2       24h

How to configure postfix to notify blacklistd running on the main host?


Just add another socket to blacklistd in base

vim /etc/rc.conf

blacklistd_flags="-r -s /var/run/blacklistd.sock"
blacklistd_jails="jail1 jail2"
for i in ${blacklistd_jails}
        blacklistd_flags="${blacklistd_flags} -s /jail/${i}/var/run/blacklistd.sock"

The programs in the jails (postfix, sendmail, sshd) just report to the default socket.

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