This is the reverse of How to Convert o365 Group to Security Group?

This is a security group NOT a distribution list in which case I would've done Upgrade distribution lists to Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook

Or perhaps I just convert "the security group" to "mail-enabled security group" first then do the "upgrade" I would accept that as an answer too. Note this is Office 365 so I don't have Exchange installed locally otherwise I would just do this Mail-enable or mail-disable existing security groups.

How to mail-enable an existing Azure AD security group? tried to go through this intermediate step as well. Though the current answer indicates this is not possible.

I basically want to retain the object ID since some external systems (specifically Sonarqube) uses the Object ID of my security group but I want the members of Developers (which are basically Internal Developers and Contractors groups) to be converted so I can use them with Microsoft Teams.

Is it possible?

I also don't have a local AD so I cannot avail of AD Group and Distribution Group with O365


No can do unfortunately.

From Microsoft online documentation:

Group type. You can't change the type of group after it's been created. To change the Group type, you must delete the group and create a new one.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/fundamentals/active-directory-groups-settings-azure-portal#to-edit-your-group-settings


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