I am trying to copy near to 2 TB files over the network using robocopy command. But it is really slow and now it's near to more that one day but still files are not copied.

Robocopy "\DC01\Shared Folders" "\FP02\Shared Folders" /E /COPY:DATSOU /R:10 /LOG:C:\Copyresults.txt

  • 2 TB? That's going to take awhile. How much has been copied to the destination so far? – joeqwerty Jun 14 at 14:19

You can use /j option, unbuffered I/O. It's suggested for large files and may give you better speed.

Although you haven't used it, /z (restartable switch, to continue copying of file from where it stopped, in case of interruption) may slow down the bit rate.

That's the 2 options I've seen to make a difference in speed using robocopy.

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