Any idea why I am not able to connect to the mongo database? I just installed it on a new debian following this https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-mongodb-on-debian-9/.

Mongo startup logs: https://hastebin.com/iyelaxasec.md

I issued mongo and get:

baseUser@vmd54274:~$ mongo
MongoDB shell version v4.0.19
connecting to: mongodb://
2020-06-17T01:53:05.338+0200 E QUERY    [js] Error: couldn't connect to server, connection attempt failed: SocketException: Error connecting to :: caused by :: Connection timed out :
exception: connect failed

I didnt change any setting so everything should be running on the correct port. And I checked that the port is used by the service.

This is from lsof:

mongod     8898   mongodb   11u  IPv4 2530915      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)
  • Add the output of cat /var/log/mongodb/mongod.log to your question. Jun 17 '20 at 0:47
  • @NasirRiley I already did. Thats the hastebin link
    – Gerolmed
    Jun 17 '20 at 10:59
  • Add them while you are trying to connect. Do not post images of text. Use the codeblocks to put them into your question. Jun 17 '20 at 11:02

I managed to find the issue myself. Appearently there was a flaw in my firewall configuration preventing access from localhost to mongodb

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