My company uses IPCop to configure it's VPN. We have an IPSec script that runs on Windows XP to open a connection using a security certificate for authentication. Microsoft totally changed things around with Vista, and our script no longer works. Has anyone set up a Vista VPN connection, specifically to connect with IPCop on the other end?

We've found TheGreenBow VPN Client, but we'd prefer something cheaper, like free.


You might want to try the OpenVPN 2.1_rc15. I found an article that may lead you through the steps to get it working.


  • OpenVPN is an awesome tool. In fact, it's what we used to connect 500 machines at my previous job, and it's what I use at home for VPN purposes. However, if they have an existing VPN setup based on IPSec, OpenVPN might not be a viable solution. – Christopher Cashell May 4 '09 at 6:33

Vista uses a different command-line tool for managing IPsec connections. Check out the netsh ipsec command and you should be able to get your script running (it might help if you posted excerpts from it here, too).

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