I am newly in network and programming. I want to configure Sip in ejabberd. After I added ejabberd_sip listening module in ejabberd.yml as recommended in the documentation the next step is described as below:

Next you need to configure DNS SIP records for your virtual domains. Refer to RFC 3263 for the detailed explanation. Simply put, you should add NAPTR and SRV records for your domains. Skip NAPTR configuration if your DNS provider doesn't support this type of records. It’s not fatal, however, highly recommended.

The problem is I don't know where and How to do it. I am running ejabberd server on localhost in windows 10 system.


Given they're DNS SIP records, and that they rely on your DNS provider supporting them, I think the documentation makes it pretty clear it's DNS.

Given you're running on localhost, don't expect to find a DNS provider that supports them. Forget it and move on, it's not mandatory and you're likely running an alpha deployment anyway.

(If this is not an alpha deployment, setup DNS beforehand and move away from localhost).

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