I added a ZFS property which was not included by default. Instead of setting it back to true (default value), is there a way to "remove" the attribute I created?

root@library:~# zfs get all | grep false
library/secure   com.sun:auto-snapshot       true    local
  • Iszfs inherit what you're looking for? – Håkan Lindqvist Jun 21 at 13:44
  • It doesn't remove the property from the root. [edited] Nevermind yes it does. Thank you! – ensnare Jun 21 at 13:50
root@library:~# zfs get all | grep "com.sun:auto-snapshot "
library/secure      com.sun:auto-snapshot       false    local com.sun:auto-snapshot       false                            local

root@library:~# zfs inherit com.sun:auto-snapshot library/secure
root@library:~# zfs get all | grep "com.sun:auto-snapshot "
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