I'm running a set of KVM hypervisors on LVM storage (unfortunately I can't use QCOW2, because the virtualization platform I'm using is strictly LVM-based).

The virtualization platform has a very poor backup support, so I wrote a series of scripts which perform LVM snapshots, grab the image with qemu-image, compress and store it on a separate storage.

My scripts work well enough, but with increasing number of VMs and data to manage are beginning to show their limits.

Can someone suggest me a free or commercial solution to have the work done well? This is what I'm doing now and what I need to do:

  • scheduled backups
  • daily and weekly rotation and retention
  • backup saved on external storage
  • restore system
  • (extra points for incremental backup)

The VMs are both Linux and Windows, so I can't rely on the internal filesystem.

I don't need a web UI or other frills, CLI management is enough.


Use Veeam agent-based VM backup. Before Veeam would re-publish their Nutanix AHV backup as a “generic” KVM VM backup.

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