Im trying to install freeipa-client on a centos8 machine. The machine is offline (no internet connection possible) with a local network mirror. The mirror has been constructed via an rsync of the repository mirror.

The issue im having is when im trying to install freeipa-client im presented with an error "No available modular metadata for modular package 'package_name.module_el8.version.noarch', it cannot be installed on the system"

After looking online there is mention of using the module profile for freeipa-client which is "@idm:client" but that does not work as the output of dnf module list is

$ dnf module list --all
Name                  Stream      Profiles        Summary
satallite-5-client    1.0[e]      common,gui      Red Hat Satellite 5 client packages 

Have i missed the module profiles using rsync? Can these be downloaded somewhere to be installed on the offline machine?

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