Newly installed FreeBSD 12.1 and 11.4 immediately freezes when loading oce by running kldload if_oce. The whole system becomes locked up at this time. CTRL+c and CTRL+z don't work.

What is the starting point to find out the problem cause?

Why does the process make the whole FreeBSD unresponsive and the only option is to reboot?

I already encountered such problem with mount and zfs operations.

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    This seems like a bug if it happens on fresh installations, the best idea might be to report it at FreeBSD Bugzilla: bugs.freebsd.org – Mateusz Piotrowski Jun 24 at 11:45
  • It's loading a kernel module for Emulex OneConnect network interface. So if there's a bug happening in kernel, it can possibly affect anything. – A.B Jun 24 at 17:45

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