I'm having a hard time figuring out how to configure 1:1 NAT between my local LAN and a remote subnet connected through IPSec.

I have a fresh install of pfSense-2.4.5p1, with a public IPv4 on WAN and on my LAN.

I also have an IKEv2 IPSec established with a remote site with Phase2 configured between "Local Network = LAN subnet" and "Remote Network =".

From pfSense SSH shell I can ping successfully a remote host with "ping -S". So far so good.

Now I need to achieve this:

  • when a host on my LAN sends packets to, it should be NATted to destination and sent through IPSec
  • when the remote host sends packets to an host on my LAN, it would be NATted with source ip and sent to my LAN

Basically I want the remote 192.168.20.xx subnet to appear as 192.168.99.xx to my LAN. As far as I know this is not achievable with "NAT/BINAT translation" in the IPSec Phase2 configuration, so I tried various combinations in Firewall > NAT > 1:1 without any luck.

How could I achieve what I described above? Any help would be appreciated.

Offtopic note: if anyone reading this is also on Netgate's pfSense forum, I was unable to post this question there nor reply to an existing thread because anything I write gets flagged as spam by their Akismet filter.

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