I am attempting to run a curl request on my java web service project that should return XML code to the server, via the command prompt however I am running into the above error. I've tried many different techniques, and it seems to me that for some reason the server is unable to find the file, however I've included a screenshot showing that the predictions.jsp file is in the src file where my cwd is pointing in command line. if anyone is able to help me that would be greatly appreciated as I am new to web services in general and have no idea where I should go from here. Please let me know if you need any additional information to help answer my question and I will gladly include it. I've included the screenshots from my command line to show the complete error message as well as the cwd to show that the file predictions.jsp is included in the directory.

image of current working directory

image of full command line error

This project was originally developed using Eclipse IDE however running the project using the Apache Tomcat Server packaged with my Eclipse Install does not work either, as I simply get a blank screen when running the predictions.jsp file from that server.