I have a new Ubuntu 18.04.3. I can SSH fine, but I can't SFTP.


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This is my SSH configs

Port 8200                                                                                                                                              
PermitRootLogin yes                                                                                                                            
PasswordAuthentication no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication no
UsePAM yes
X11Forwarding yes
PrintMotd no                                                                                                                                            
AcceptEnv LANG LC_*                                                                                                                                    
Subsystem      sftp    /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server 
MaxAuthTries 100
AllowUsers forge 

I checked logs

tail -f /var/log/auth.log

I see this appended each time it failed

Jun 30 13:27:18 websocket sshd[3353]: Connection closed by port 51216 [preauth]

How do I make my SFTP to work ?

What should I check ?

  • What else is logged? – Michael Hampton Jun 30 at 18:32
  • When I tried, I failed, only one line appended. What else should I checked or try ? – cyber8200 Jun 30 at 18:33

if you're using passwords for sftp connections - then "PasswordAuthentication no" should be replaced to "PasswordAuthentication yes"

  • don't forget to restart sshd.
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