As the title says, I was tasked with getting the "little green lock" for our company application. The application we use will require an SSL/TLS certificate to function for the next update (6.3 and we are on 6.2). As far as I know, the certificate shouldn't be self-signed, because, occasionally, our customers should be able to log into our app remotely.

I've done enough research to not be overwhelmed by the certificate process. However, I am concerned about our local DNS configuration on our domain controller. We currently have a "company.local" domain, but to get an intranet certificate (as far as I am aware from reading documentation online), it needs to be signed by a public CA. To verify their identity, the company requesting a signature needs to have a TLD name, like company.com. My concern arises because our website can be visited at www.company.com but it isn't hosted onsite. If we change our AD domain to company.com, will it impact our site operation?

What other things should I know before I start the implementation? I'm an application developer 90% of the time, so I have major knowledge gaps when it comes to domains and DNS. Any help will be appreciated.

One last thing: I am looking to accomplish this in one day, during a shutdown. Is this unreasonable (because of propagation time, etc)?

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