After changing a Ubiquiti Aircube router's subnet, (router IP, DHCP range etc), windows 10 simply refuses to connect to the WiFi. Phones and tablets are just fine.

I've tried ipconfig /renew, restarted everything, and no joy. Surely something to do with routing tables but I'm a bit out of my depth here so would appreciate any help.

When trying to connect, after entering the password, windows 10 says "checking network requirements" then "unable to connect to this network".

My setup was: WISP -> Aircube ( -> Google WiFi ( -> Google mesh network DHCP range (set in Google WiFi): -

I also have a bunch of smart light switches installed which have been manually configured with static IP's.

But because of problems with double NAT, and also a general unhappiness with Google WiFi lack of transparency, I decided to move to the Unifi ecosystem.

So the new setup is:

WISP -> aircube ( -> gigabit switch -> unifi uap-ac-hd access points

DHCP range (set in aircube): -

The reason for wanting to change the aircube IP and DHCP range was because I didn't want to manually change all the smart switches.

Note that I am using the same WiFi ssid for the unifi network as I did for the Google network.

  • What WiFi protocol you use and encryption? Some older unsecure encryption might be blocked by the OS. – yagmoth555 Jul 1 at 3:47
  • Just the regular wpapsk . The fact that it connected before changing only the subnet has made me doubt it being an encryption issue. – theCheek Jul 2 at 5:27