How can I recover data from a five disk RAID 5 on HP Proliant DL 380 where four of the five disks are reporting a SMART error. I have some critical data on the failed logical drive and checking online all I am getting is that the data is lost.

  • Ummm... rebuild the array and restore the data from backup? – joeqwerty Jul 7 at 14:52
  • I am very sorry for your data. Sometimes, data recovery specialists can do something (even on failed arrays), but in most cases it's a bit pricey. – bjoster Jul 7 at 20:26

That's because your data is lost. A RAID 5 can only tolerate one drive failure. If four drives failed, there is nothing left to do but replace them and restore from backup.

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  • Thank you Michael for the reply. I kind of understood that was the case but i was simply hoping for a hail mary especially because we have unfortunately not taken a backup and the partition contained the VHD for some VMs. Unforgivable I know! My concern now is how it could have been possible for four disks to fail at the same time. – Yomi Farinde Jul 7 at 16:33
  • Probably all of the disks were already failing for quite some time before now. I would not be surprised if the fifth disk were also near to failure. This is to be expected with ancient hardware. – Michael Hampton Jul 7 at 16:35

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