I am implementing project quotas on a file server (Centos 7.8.2003) that has data volumne formatted using XFS. File access to this server will occur using NFS. I know how to check user quotas on the NFS client using the quota command (see Access xfs quota info from NFS client). However, the quota command in Centos does not have a flag to check project quota. Is there another tool or method I can use to check project quota from an NFS client? Alternatively, I can run a cron job on the file server to populate a text file with this information; however, I prefer to know if this can be done more elegantly.




I would use xfs_quota:

 xfs_quota -c free -h

as a regular user (-c free executes the free command, just like df, with the output in human--readable form, -h), or

xfs_quota -x -c report -p -h 

as an administrator, concentrating on projects (-p), again in human-readable form (-h).

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  • Thanks. Can xfs_quota report usage from a XFS filesystem that is mounted using NFS? – Vince Jul 9 at 23:05

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