Our on-premises environment is VMware running Windows Server virtual machines. We are using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to replicate some of our VMs to Azure. I have been doing some failover/failback testing and I have run into an issue.

On one VM that has been in ASR for at least a couple years, I successfully failed over to Azure and failed back to on-prem. On two other newer VMs (one is WS2016; the other is WS2019) that I added to ASR just recently in order to test failover/backback, failing over was successful, but failing back generates this error:

Reprotect and Failback is not supported for the virtual machine (myvirtmachine) because it has boot type UEFI.

For all 3 of the machines I tested (including the one that successfully failed back), VMware > Settings > VM Options > Boot Options are identical. (Including Firmware=EFI; Secure Boot=Disabled)

Is there somewhere that I can change the boot type so that these machines will fail back? Or, is there something I should do with the settings in VMware before I fail over so that the machine will fail back?

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