I want that on my server fox user can be/change user and be user42 in a passwordless way (fox user have no password they loging with SSH keys)::

srv6:/etc# grep user42 /etc/sudoers
fox     ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/su user42

It work well if they do sudo su user42:

fox@srv6:~$ sudo su user42

But if I try do have a cleared shell with sudo su - user42 the NOPASSWD did not work

fox@srv6:~$ sudo su - akd
[sudo] password for fox: 

It's not gonna work because sudo su - user42 does not map to what you have granted in your rule. That rule does not contain the - dash and thus it don't map.

How about you do something like:

fox ALL=(user42) NOPASSWD: ALL

granting fox the right to do anything as user42 without password,

and then sudo -ui user42 where -i will

-i, --login Run the shell specified by the target user's password database entry as a login shell. This means that login-specific resource files such as .profile or .login will be read by the shell.

Which I believe is your desired outcome.

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