We have a problem with Webcon BPS (after upgrading from 2017_1_3.540 to 2017_1_3.665) runing on SharePoint 2013 Foundation web app. After saving processes in BPS Designer Studio we have a timeouts from content database where elements are writing.

  • Running on SQL Server 2016.
  • BPS_Content weighs 231GB and BPS_Content_Att weighs 740GB.
  • Server has 4vcores 2.30GHz and 16GB RAM, databases and logs are on a different disks.

We know that this is because the large database and low performance of SQL Server. But, is there any way to get better performance from a server configuration way? Or optionally increase timeouts for saving elements from Designer Studio to database?

We've read a lot of articles, but still SQL Server is weakest performance point of the infrastructure.

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