After some general good practice w/firewalld, as I have a set up which feels like it might a bit of a kludge.

Public zone - has interface assigned, set to 'drop'.

Internal zone - initially set up one service only, SSH, coming from a single source IP. (I know it's a class C, just to illustrate diff IPs)

Rich rules: ipv4, source SMTP, SMTPS and port 587/tcp (as submission service appears to not be installed by default with firewalld) all set to accept. can SSH fine. could not connect on port 25.

So I then deleted all those rich rules and set a new source in the internal zone of, and added in SMTP, SMTPS and port 587.

This worked - however, could also SSH, which wasn't required. Instead I put in an explicit rich rule to deny over SSH.

This got me to where I wanted to go, but is it a slightly clunky way of doing it? Could anyone shed any light on why the rich rules weren't working properly?

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