I have created an CNAME alias record (PublicShare) for one of our servers (KWT-SRV01) in Windows Server DNS. Unfortunately i am unable to use it in powershell "-path" attribute. For example,

this works just fine

New-vm -ComputerName KUW-SRV04 -MemoryStartupBytes 1GB -NoVHD -Generation 2 -Name TEST123 -Path "\\KWT-SRV01\Test\"

but when using the Alias name, i get the following error

New-vm -ComputerName KUW-SRV04 -MemoryStartupBytes 1GB -NoVHD -Generation 2 -Name TEST123 -Path "\\Publicshare\Test\"

New-VM : Failed to create a new virtual machine.

What am i missing?


I am issuing the above commands from another separate server (KWT-SRV05)

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Please look here for Option 2 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/josebda/multiple-names-for-one-computer-consolidate-your-smb-file-servers-without-breaking-unc-paths

The problem is that client, when using Kerberos Auth (by default for domain shares) checks server for its name to avoid authenticating to wrong/fake server, and server responds with different name, because server does not know about alternative names.

Client: Hey, Bob!

Server: Hi, I am Alice.

Client: Whoops, sorry!

After you apply secondary name:

Client: Hey, Bob!

Server: Hi, I am Alice, but friends call me Bob

Client: Okay.....okay...

Actually this explanation is completely incorrect technically, but in fact this is better to understand like that, instead of deep diving into Kerberos.


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