I have a three node redis cluster.

If I run cluster nodes after I connect to one of the node via redis-cli, I got this output:> cluster nodes
fedd7d9220ca59045782050e9c418103fdeee3bf slave 56ada5e1cc30ba1889950df4c4203b856wc83558 0 1595241803685 2 connected
9eac3667c13055555555a52b20628da372dadc21 slave 81777bc32d3ff82da733e4b8f36a14e8de25e057 0 1595241801000 1 connected
861e7ed26924bcccccccaa23b1977982397000e7 slave 10397e832212231dc40ec687798f245a39007506 0 1595241802678 3 connected
10397e832212231dc40ec687798f245a39007506 master - 0 1595241801671 3 connected 10923-16383
81777bc32d3ff82da733e4b8f36a14e8de25e057 master - 0 1595241802000 1 connected 5462-10922
56ada5e1cc30ba1889950df4c4203b856wc83558 myself,master - 0 1595241801000 2 connected 0-5461

Now I want to switch to a different node from the current node.

When I use select, I got the following error:

> select 1
(error) ERR SELECT is not allowed in cluster mode

I can trigger a switch by using get 1, get 2... etc (Basically a get command with a random integer). A few trial and error will land me on the right node.

Is there an easier way?


you can try get <id of the node>. In your case.

get 10397e832212231dc40ec687798f245a39007506
get 81777bc32d3ff82da733e4b8f36a14e8de25e057
get 56ada5e1cc30ba1889950df4c4203b856wc83558

You can only connect to master nodes using get . If you try connecting to slave using get. It will connect to master node only.


From inside redis-cli, you can also go:

connect 6379

Or on my test cluster

connect localhost 30002

A possibly useful trick: On my test cluster (via create-cluster command, 3-node, default mapping), by trial and error, I found 3 short keys which are faster to type to switch nodes:

get 3  (node 1)
get 1  (node 2)
get 4  (node 3)

(3.14, like PI)

You have to first run redis-cli with the -c option to auto-switch nodes when you set/get a key.

If your cluster-mapping is different, you can just start using get to find short somehow-memorable ones that work on your cluster. Obviously the cluster mapping can change in the future so you would not want to use this in any permanent scripts/code.

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