Some months ago I was working with Squid 3.0 and managed to get rid of the X-Forwarded-For header completely. Now I am trying to do the same thing but I do not seem to hit the nail.

I have tried forwarded_for off but that does not remove the header, it just inserts unknown in place of the client IP.

I tried header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all but I receive an error about invalid directive. Looking in the function reference it seems that this directive is deprecated in 3.0.

I tried forwarded_for delete but this is only available from 3.1.

Any suggestions?


Here's the full list you need:-

via off
forwarded_for off
follow_x_forwarded_for deny all
request_header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all
header_access X_Forwarded_For deny all

Fixed with:

request_header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all

For specific domains you can use

acl NoXForwardedFor dst "/usr/pbi/squid-amd64/etc/squid/NoXForwardedFor.txt"

request_header_access X-Forwarded-For deny NoXForwardedFor

where NoXForwarded.txt contains domain names.

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