Currently trying to do a gcloud image import in order to bring our own license for SLES 15 SP2 gives:

[import-image]: 2020-07-30T23:00:04Z Error running workflow: step "wait-for-translator" run error: WaitForInstancesSignal FailureMatch found for "inst-translator-import-image-54bdm": "TranslateFailed: error: Import of sles-15.2 is not supported. The following versions are supported: [opensuse-15.1, sles-15.1, sles-12.4|5]"

I haven't been able to locate any info on when this would be supported. Any pointers or info on that would be appreciated.


At this time, import is not supported for SLES 15 SP2.
Please see Compute Engine > Doc > Feature support by operating system

20200731 - gcloud compute images import SLES 15 SP2 BYOL - pic

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